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A Letter to friends of india and pakistan……

The visit of Indian Minister of External Affairs Mr S.M Krishna, on 15th of July at Islamabad for bilateral talks on various issues is indeed is a welcome development because no other issue today is as important as the need for both these nations to forge an environment of Peace, harmony, Love and over all progress of each and every national of these two great nations.

To eradicate poverty, hunger and Terrorism from their respective lands not only it is important to tread further under shadow of good mutual understanding and amicable relations by and between India and Pakistan but,  in view of gradually emerged complexities both India and Pakistan need to be extra Alert and stay extremely cautious of the remote Undercurrents that are often played upon to steer the directions of relationships by vested Hidden hands. Hostilities, more often are a trap so designed,  which unfortunately are  set up to create a well cocieved  Dark Agenda to launch opinion mongering tirades of the hidden hands who have decidedly a dark Agenda to carry on in this region for some Vested interests ! Conditions thus created, are not at all reassuring for both our countries since such set up scenes of the drama are played upon and further flared by the print and Visual Media Channels by the dark horses who prefer to stay on the sidelines but exercise much clout in shaping the geo-polity of this region.

What is so obviously clear that on every High Level talk by and between Pakistan and India there is invariably a mysterious presence  of one either British or European or American High Level Diplomat or a someone. Why this ? Who sets up such talks and do we think such efforts are purely bilateral No.

Because by having a presence of third force we keep open the doors from where subvertive winds are blown with malicious designs to undo all good efforts and mar the chances and or leads that otherwise during pure bilateral discussions could be gained by the leaders of India and Pakistan !.

Our Governmentas are playing puppets for over 63 years nowand are controlled by the Mischievious but very powerful, Game Planning forces sitting more than 10,000 Miles away from our lands !

I would appreciate if you may kindly pass my opinions through your press or directly to the Govt of Pakistan

Ashok Sharma

The people of Pakistan firmly believe that the only way to eradicate poverty, hunger and terrorism from both the countries as well as in the region lies in the mutual relationship. The people of both the countries have been the victims of hostility and conflict which is going on for the last 63 years. The governments of both the countries have been wasting their resources on purchase of arms and the people are depriving of basic needs.

According to UN estimates, 40% population of both the countries are living below the poverty line and are deprived of basic facilities like clean drinking water, health and education. A large number of people have died due to lack of health facilities, poverty and hunger. This grave situation has led to an alarming increase in suicides and a rise in terrorist activities. Our religious leaders react violently on the death of some terrorists due to drone attacks but keep silent on the large number of deaths due to hunger and poverty. The media has not taken up this issue seriously.

If we see Pakistan’s situation, a large number of people have no access to clean drinking water and health facilities because governments have been wasting its resources on purchase of tanks, aircrafts, missiles and atomic bomb instead of building infrastructure for economic growth and providing basic necessities to its people. The people need food and education and not arms.

The people question how long they are going to be exploited in the name of defense? They do not want war but undemocratic forces which have become powerful over the years imposed the war on them. In 63 years of country’s history, army ruled the country for 32 years and this factor is responsible for the prevailing poverty, hunger and terrorism. War is no longer the solution of problems and conflicts between the two countries. These should be settled through negotiations.

Whenever a democratic government comes into power, its first priority is always to normalize Indo Pak relation and it starts dialogue between the two countries and believes the trade between the two countries can bring the prosperity for people. But it is an irony undemocratic forces topple the governments. In the past the army dethroned the governments of Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Ms. Benazir Bhutto on this issue. The people of Pakistan have become hostage by undemocratic forces that are the main hurdle in the way of Peace.

Some twelve years back when Indian Prime Minster Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to Lahore by bus, he declared that Pakistan is a friend and not an enemy. He emphasized that issues should be solved through bilateral talks. On that historic visit both the countries signed various economic pacts but undemocratic forces sabotage this peace process through Cargil adventure. Now recently on September 2008, Asif Ali Zardari soon after taking oath as President of Pakistan declared that India has never been an enemy of Pakistan and he emphasized on bilateral trade but Mumbai attacks made this gesture unfeasible.

For the normalization of Pak India relationship, it is necessary to strengthen the democratic process in Pakistan which has initiated the bilateral talks between the two countries. Hopefully it will lead to positive and tangible constructive efforts for peace and prosperity in the region.

Ashok Sharma



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